Monday, October 12, 2015

Blossom's review: Antologi Rasa by Ika Natassa

"We're both just people who worry about the breaths we take, not how we breathe.
How can we be so different and feel so much alike?" 
 - Keara -

Well, hello! This is my first time I reviewed book. I'll tell you about this one; Antologi Rasa.
Ms. Ika Natassa, you should know. I re-read your book in a few times. What an amazing story! I could feel Keara's feelings, Harris's love, and... When Ruly... Oh, you must read this books. I told you.
I borrowed this book from my internship partner, called her kak First. Sounds weird, right? Yeah, you're not wrong. Her name is FIRST, or Pertama, Kesatu, Utama, in English. She told me "Yakin mau minjem? Agak dewasa gitu lho ceritanya," Why not? I read some books and every books.

Let's talk about this novel.
This novel is about friendship and love. If you read quote above, the girl who her name written is Keara, one of third main characters inside the story. Keara loved Ruly Walantaga who loved Denise ( Keara and Ruly's best friend) Yep, Keara-Ruly-Denise's love story. And don't forget Harris.
Who's Harris? Keara-Ruly-Denise's best friend who loved Keara since Harris met her and Ruly too in their first day as New Management Association. Is it complicated, isn't?
I recommended this books for you, book-worm.

If you confused why I attach these photos besides this review. It just because I have some task in Multimedia Communication. I must made a blog that will be my album for every assignment I've completed, like poster, some graphics, or other. How excited I am! I started to clean up my old-post, changed my blog-design, and other stuff with a new concept. I think this book's cover design related with my outfit, so I took some pictures with it. What do you think? 

"That people have different takes on their happiest moment in life"
In some pages, Keara tried to find her happiness around her. But, sometimes she refused it. She knows, her happiness is about Ruly.
Until Ruly realized Keara's feeling to him, Ruly still loving Denise and Keara knew it clearly.

"There's just some things you cannot unsee"
- Harris -

"If travel teach us how to see, how come every time all I see is you?"

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