Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blossom's Review : Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Series

How’s your day, Minna-san?
Today (yeah, i know, tonight i mean) I’ll tell you about Japan’s skincare: Hada Labo!

"Hello, guys! Meet us, Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Moisturizer Series"

I used Hado Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion and Milk, they’re really really different although they have similar package. The difference is Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion lighter than Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Milk. You can mix both of them like i used every night (put Hada Labo Lotion on your face  and then Hada Labo Milk, don’t forget to clean your face before applying it!) but it doesn’t matter if you want to use one of them. Before you applying Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion or Milk, you should know your skin types.

With High Purity Arbutin, they'll make you face supply and brighten!

I recommend Hada Labo Lotion for oily skin type, because it won’t make your skin more oily.

And for dry skin type, you can use Hada Labo Milk to moist and soften your skin.

“How to recognize my skin type?”

Depend on my experiences and all articles that I’ve read, you can recognize your skin types from how long the oil stays on your face. If you feel like “Oh my-God, my face is soooooo oily, it looks like a frying pan with a liter oil!” “Breakout, again?” “How can i kill this acne clearly?” “I looks like a salad with extra olive oil” You have an oily skin type. But, if you feel like “why my face is so rigid?” and your powder isn’t long-lasting to cover up your face, your skin is dry. All you need is moisturizer!
In fact, I’m afraid of trying some skin care that I’ve never used before. But, someday i want to try Japanese’s skin care like Hada Labo or other. I bought Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Facial Foam in medium size, and used it to clean my face. So far i like how they moisten and soften my skin, finally they made me change my daily skin care products.  And for moisturizer, I tried Skin Aqua Moisturizer Milk. Actually, I couldn’t buy Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Milk and Lotion, I got it from my internship partner, Kak Fanni, who tried it but it didn’t work on her face. So she gave it to me.
At the first usage, I don’t really like their texture, because it’s too sticky on my face even i tapped-tapped-tapped my face with a drop of them. Oh, i felt like my face a lil bit rigid too. So, i used them for night skin care. Anndddd.... I LOVE THEM THAN BEFORE! They made my skin soften, moisten, and lighten. Psstt... I wore them all over my body as body lotion too! Hehehehe.

Repurchased? Umm... I don’t think so. Maybe yes, maybe no.  I don’t like them if i use for daily skin care, but i like them for night skin care. What do you think?

(+) Fragrance free and colored free. It makes our skin more healthy, right?
(+) Whitening effect
(+) Moisten and soften
(+) Make your skin supple
(+) Less breakouts (for me)
(+) Three-months usage (saving my money!)
(+) Brighten your skin

(-)The packaging
(-) Too sticky

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